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East Providence Shatters Previous Sales Price Record in 2022

The City of East Providence again, shattered the previous median sales price record in 2022 ending up at $365,000.  This beat the previous years record of $319,900 by 14.1%.   Unit sales however dropped by almost 20% from 509 in 2021 to 409 in 2022. The sales price per square feet also increased in 2022 from $253 to $279. The average days on market dropped from 16 to 13.  

Kent Heights Home Sales -2022

Kent Heights showed some impressive home sales results in 2022 which broke all sorts of records in terms average and medican price.  Most homes sold over teh asking price and the average days on market cocked in at 24.  Pending sales seem to indicate that this trend shows no signs of abating as unsubstantiated reports are coming in that offers are still coming in substantially over list prices.   While we're not sure what 2023 holds, it appears that the FED may be slowing down interest rate hikes which will help both buyers and sellers in terms of retaining values.

Kent Heights Sales Brisk So Far in 2022

Single Family home sales have moved at a rapid pace so far in 2022 with 59 properties being sold with an average sale price of $348,992.  The average sale price per square foot of living space clocked in at $280/sq. ft. and properties sold  at 102 percent  of there list price.  The average days on market were 22.  

Did you buy a house in East Providence 10 years ago?

If you did, you made out very well in terms of your investment.   As hard as this might be to believe, property values have increased by a whoping 131% in the city.   The median sales price of single family homes back in 2012 was $157,500.  So far thhis year median sale price in EP has been $363,290 but that trend may be well be over as interest rates have risen dramtaically since the beginning of the year and the price decreases are posted more frequently in local mutiple listing more | login or register to post comments

East Providence Single Family Home Sales Stats - 2022

East Providence has experienced record setting home sale prices so far in 2022 where the average sale price storms in at a remarkable  $380,067.  There have been 325 sales so far this year on pace to reach to 418 at the current clip.    There have been over 550 home sales in years past so the city is not on a record setting pace in terms of unit sales, primarily due to lack of supply which i nturn, also drives up the prices.   

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